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6/16/2010 11:44:29 pm

I am looking forward with great anticipation to seeing this documentary! Your website is professional and easy to navigate. I have had the pleasure of being able to correspond with Mr. Ireland and find him to be a kind and generous man willing to help out another lost soul.


6/19/2010 03:37:07 am

I am looking forward to watching the film in it's entirety ...please keep us posted! The website looks awesome, too.

DeeAnn Varns
6/23/2010 06:21:30 am

Just finished watching the documentary in it's entirety. Very captivating and well done Liz & Co!

Nicholas Varns
6/23/2010 07:02:39 am

Congrats on finishing it up. Very powerful video, the type that leaves you thinking...

6/23/2010 08:27:56 am

Bravo! Well done! It does leave you thinking.

Pat McIntyre
6/29/2010 03:21:22 am

This is a Brilliant Film,but i did'nt expect anything less,from Mark Ireland,his book Soul Shift is a must to read!Well done Mark,keep on keeping on!(I so believe!!)Pat McIntyre...x

kim Gloria
7/5/2010 03:20:55 pm

I can not wait to see this documentary. Thank you Mark for sharing your story.

Charlie Brown
7/5/2010 06:05:56 pm

Very interesting film doc, Liz. It is an area of great interest to me that I believe in and the film gave me new perspective on the subject. Great job!

Keith Parsons
7/9/2010 06:49:26 am

Well done. A good movie. Very watchable. I've just made one on a similar topic called 'This Life, Next Life' and have appreciated your effort and techniques.

7/14/2010 08:10:32 am

what a beautiful film. thank you so much for sharing this. having recently lost my brother, this really hits home. you did an awesome job liz!!

8/9/2010 12:12:56 pm

Good job, Liz! Intruiging topic! Nice work.

10/29/2010 02:16:52 pm

Thank you! More illumination of after "death" communication & NDE is always welcome. Well done!

bonnie Rieberger
1/21/2011 01:12:41 am

Very heart felt film. My son passed at 18 and
he and I knew on a very deep level that he was leaving. My journey since has been very Spiritual as well and I have had many communications from other side which has developed my Mediumship to help others see the signs, and communicate as well. I will be at the conference in April 2011, and look forward to meeting you.


Bonnie R

Samantha Strangeowl
4/3/2011 03:36:56 am

I liked the film and understand what you are feeling. My son past away at the age of 19 in nov. 2009. And the day he past he called me a couple of hours before and I was scared I told him he better drive safe and he said bye mom I love you. And when my sister called me and said there behind a bad wreck in Ashland I told her Larold was in Ashland and I already know and felt it. and about a week before he had past there was signs he said bye to his siblings. I wish there was away I could be apart of your groups cause I still wander about death still trying to accept his death.

4/29/2011 12:53:02 pm


5/11/2011 10:13:35 am

hi there:
i am sorry for your loss, i cannot imagine going through the loss of a child. i lost my dad in 2008, i still cry about once a week now, compared to the daily crying i did since he first passed, i'd say i'm doing pretty well, for sure i am doing at least better.

since i was a youngster, i have always felt that communication w/the other side, those who have passed over is 100% true and that "we" (per se) do not die, just transition into another dimension.

about a year before my dad passed I had a couple of afterlife readings by authentic mediums that were so accurate it confirmed my earlier beliefs. of course after my dad passed, the first thing i wanted to do was make sure he made it or transitioned safely to whereever it is we go. he passed on april 1 and within 2 weeks i had my confirmation that was AWESOME! and so detailed that i knew it was him without a doubt. i've had many readings since and he's come thru in all of them (so have a few pets :) i wish it was more in the MAINSTREAM that the existence of life does go on. i thank you VERY MUCH for the film and the story of your son. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! ! !
for anyone reading this please know that we do NOT die, life does go on, not in this dimension though. IT IS 100% REAL! ! !
thank you again.

9/26/2011 05:21:25 am

Very sad.

7/20/2012 01:24:40 am



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